Jersey is one of the Channel Islands and is just off the coast of Normandy. Its legal system is based on several different legal traditions, in particular Norman customary law, English common law and modern French civil law. The majority of lawyers will be English qualified having been recruited from the UK although firms also typically recruit from Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Some firms will require their partners to also become Jersey qualified. Jersey is a 30 minute flight from London.

Practice Areas

The law firms in Jersey tend to focus on:

  • Corporate & commercial
  • Banking & finance
  • Investment funds
  • Commercial dispute resolution
  • Insolvency & restructuring
  • Financial services regulatory


Salaries for lawyers in Jersey compare with the upper mid-tier London law firms and with only 20% to pay in tax the islands is an attractive proposition with cost of living comparable to the UK.

Entry Requirements

To live and work on Jersey a non-resident requires an employment permit which the law firm will apply for on your behalf.


Jersey is rugged and beautiful and a lovely place to live especially if you like the outdoors. Commutes into St Helier, the capital, are straightforward and life outside work is an easy and tranquil pace of life for those that want it. St Helier itself is a thriving town full of excellent restaurants and places to go out. Jersey is ideal for families and singles that don’t want the daily grind of London.